July 24, 2012

Ghana Team 1 Arrival

The first team has arrived safely in Accra. We were delayed 3 hrs in customs, but in the end, everything was released. We thank God for that.

We also heard of President Mills' death shortly after arrival. We are very saddened by this news. The VP has been sworn in and everyone is very calm. According to a friend, the funeral will occur in about a month, in keeping with traditional culture.

Tonight we enjoyed rice and chicken for dinner, but mostly we enjoyed getting to know one another a little better.

We depart for the airport at 5:30am. We are anxious to meet our Ghanaian team and get to work.

Thank you for your prayers. They are crucial to the success of this mission.


  1. So glad to hear everyone made it safely! Just the beginning of chicken and rice :) looking forward to the many more blogs! Please give lots of hugs to everyone from me!
    Love and prayers,