June 18, 2012

Shalom Youth

Elisha Issahaku

Elisha has just completed Level 300 at the University for Developmental Studies.  He is working on a degree in Business Studies. His target date for graduation is July 2013.
Elisha is also a vibrant team member and a leader among his peers at Shalom Baptist Church. He is rarely seen without a big smile and his gentle spirit is appreciated  by everyone who knows him.
Mishael has just completed Level 200 at Tamale PolyTechnic, where he is working on a degree in Accounting.  He will graduate in July 2013.
Mishael loves the Lord and loves people.  He is an integral part of the evangelism team and someone that everyone looks to for spiritual guidance and leadership.
This is Priscilla, formerly known as Fouziah.

Pastor Mohammed says, "Sometimes it costs something for people like Fouziah  to be saved from hell fire."  That is the case with Priscilla, who was living with her parents in the village when she first heard about Jesus.  She was unable to attend church due to Muslim family members, so her grandparents suggested that she live with a Christian family in a nearby village.  Fouziah moved there and changed her Muslim name to a Christian name, Priscilla.  In fact, if you called her by her former name, she would not answer.
Taking the time and effort to rescue the perishing is what the Lord expects of all of us.
Sherifa is an orphan who lives in Tamale and attends school there.  She just completed her secondary education and will attend university.  Sherifa is the first girl in her village to attend university in more than 35 years.  We are proud of her efforts and accomplishments!
Eunice Alidu was one of our first IHH sponsored students.  She completed her secondary studies, but had no way of furthering her education due to lack of funding.  We are thankful for the donor who provided funds for Eunice to continue her education.
She has just successfully completed her third year of the catering program at Poly Technic, and has plans to graduate on July 2013.  After that, she will be able to help her support her family.  Eunice's father is a deacon at Shalom Baptist Church. 
Eunice is part of the Shalom Voices choir and an important part of the summer mission team. 

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