August 07, 2012

Cape Coast Excursion

The team took a road trip to Cape Coast today where we toured 500 yr old Elmina Slave Castle. It was very enlightening and educational to hear about the history of Ghana's slave trade and to see the actual holding cells and "point of no return" doorway.

On the way home we stopped for a
few minutes and played in the ocean. We also enjoyed some amazingly sweet pineapple on the roadside. We got an up close look at a local delicacy called grasscutter (bush rat) and feasted on fried plantain chips.

Our day ended with shepherd's pie and Cape Coast pineapple.

Fun day with the team!

August 04, 2012

Education is Life Changing

If there's one thing Ghanaians appreciate, it is the value of a good education.

Our ministry partners at Shalom Church started a preschool last year with 30 children. By God's grace they will add 50 more students this next school year. They are doing this in an effort to reach the village children with the Good News.

Today we helped them shop for culturally appropriate curriculum and a few school supplies. We were so happy to locate 2 large whiteboards and easels.

August 03, 2012

KPatinga Witch Camp

Today we visited the beautiful women of KPatinga. We partnered with World Vision to help provide rice and grain.

Upon arrival we received the sad news that one of the women died this morning. We remember her very well
from years past. She was the village singer and she always had a song and
smile for us. We know she will be
greatly missed and our hearts and prayers go out to them.

We are well aware that there is a fine line between exploitation and awareness, so we are only posting a few pictures.

Just know that we had an incredible day visiting with the women. They appreciated the food but they appreciated the time spent with them even more.

Water Day (Thurs)

Today we had the privilege of seeing water flow in a remote African village for the first time. IHH has been involved in trying to get water to this village for more than 7 years. The arrival of water means healthier children and adults. It will also give those that carried water the opportunity to attend school. Water improves the quality of life in so many

In the afternoon our friends from
Pure Home Water gave us a tour of
their clay pot water filter factory near Tamale. This organization provides filters to thousands of villagers each year and we thank God for the work they are doing in the Northern Region.

August 01, 2012

The Children of Sankpem

Today we traveled to the remote village of Sankpem where we met with the chief and conducted a VBS with the children. We also visited the oldest woman in this area. She is 103 and going strong. She said she remembers running from lions and tigers when she was a child.

We also toured a clay pot filter factory where we learned how those in remote villages can have access to filtered water.