July 30, 2012

Widows and Orphans

Today we visited several remote villages and delivered maize to the widows enrolled in Shalom's Widow Care programme. They were very appreciative, especially since it the lean season and many of them have very little food.

The team had a lot of fun playing with all the children.

July 29, 2012

Sunday is for Worship

Team 2 arrived in Tamale early this morning and went straight to church in the village. We enjoyed chicken and rice for lunch.

This picture pretty much sums up our day.

July 28, 2012

Saturday in Sankpem

Chiefs and Orphans (Friday)

We have had a good, but busy day. We spent part of our morning in a prayer service with the Ghanaian team members, which was very special and uplifting. After that, we made a visit to the Chief of Tarikpaa village ( pic later) where we respectfully squatted before him and presented kola, a small token that represents our respect and gratitude to him for allowing us to work in the village.

We also visited the home of Pastor Mohammed, where we learned cultural traditions regarding mud hut compounds. Everyone was surprised to see a television in his hut. He watches the news every morning so as to be educated and informed so he can explain things to his congregation.
This helps to alleviate some superstitions and it also helps keep the villagers in touch with local and national news.

This afternoon we visited a local Private orphanage where we stirred up all the babies. Can you imagine how overwhelming it must be to them when a large group of strangers show up? Of course they were precious and we enjoyed every minute of it. We just held the children. No pictures were taken.

After another Ghanaian meal cooked by our dear friend, Cynthia, we headed out to Yipelegu village for a film showing. This is the same village we went to last night. The response was so great that we were invited to return.

We are praying as Team 2 departs the US today. They will arrive at 8pm on Saturday and we can't wait to see them!

July 26, 2012

A Day in The Village

We spent today in the village, visiting the International Heritage Academy. We were greeted by 30 beautiful preschoolers who recited the alphabet, counted to 20, and sang songs for us. We were more than impressed with the level of education they are receiving.

I also had the privilege of distributing nutritional supplements onto their lunch of jolof rice.

The afternoon was spent doing hut-to-hut evangelism with our Ghanaian team members.

Tonight we will return to the same village for a film showing. Pastor Mohammed will bring a message.

Everyone is smiling and laughing and having a great time.

Thank you for praying!

July 25, 2012

Tamale Day 1

We had a great flight to Tamale followed by a fun afternoon in Tarikpaa village, meeting and greeting church members and our Ghanaian teammates. The village children knew we were coming and they were beyond excited to see us. The feeling was mutual.

Everyone is doing well.

Here's a glimpse of our day.

July 24, 2012

Ghana Team 1 Arrival

The first team has arrived safely in Accra. We were delayed 3 hrs in customs, but in the end, everything was released. We thank God for that.

We also heard of President Mills' death shortly after arrival. We are very saddened by this news. The VP has been sworn in and everyone is very calm. According to a friend, the funeral will occur in about a month, in keeping with traditional culture.

Tonight we enjoyed rice and chicken for dinner, but mostly we enjoyed getting to know one another a little better.

We depart for the airport at 5:30am. We are anxious to meet our Ghanaian team and get to work.

Thank you for your prayers. They are crucial to the success of this mission.