July 28, 2012

Chiefs and Orphans (Friday)

We have had a good, but busy day. We spent part of our morning in a prayer service with the Ghanaian team members, which was very special and uplifting. After that, we made a visit to the Chief of Tarikpaa village ( pic later) where we respectfully squatted before him and presented kola, a small token that represents our respect and gratitude to him for allowing us to work in the village.

We also visited the home of Pastor Mohammed, where we learned cultural traditions regarding mud hut compounds. Everyone was surprised to see a television in his hut. He watches the news every morning so as to be educated and informed so he can explain things to his congregation.
This helps to alleviate some superstitions and it also helps keep the villagers in touch with local and national news.

This afternoon we visited a local Private orphanage where we stirred up all the babies. Can you imagine how overwhelming it must be to them when a large group of strangers show up? Of course they were precious and we enjoyed every minute of it. We just held the children. No pictures were taken.

After another Ghanaian meal cooked by our dear friend, Cynthia, we headed out to Yipelegu village for a film showing. This is the same village we went to last night. The response was so great that we were invited to return.

We are praying as Team 2 departs the US today. They will arrive at 8pm on Saturday and we can't wait to see them!

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