June 07, 2012

Until Now

The village of Sankpem has never had clean water.  In the last few years, two bore holes were dug, but they both were dry.  The people of the village are sick from drinking unclean water and many of the young girls have to walk 3 miles to get water from the nearest clean water source.  That means that they do not attend school.


Delivery of pipe

In the last few weeks, a water pipe has been laid that will bring fresh, clean water to this village.  And God is receiving the glory for the great things He has done.  Sankpem is primarily a voodoo village with a strong Satanic stronghold on the leaders.  Our prayer is that they will have "ears to hear" as the Ghanaian and American teams visit with the Chief and elders and villagers to share the story of Jesus.

Please pray for the people of Sankpem.  And let's thank God that they now have clean water.

a portion of the 3km stretch into Sankpem

The children are wondering how pipes will turn into water
( new village Mosque in background)

Community members helping off-load the pipe

Excavation from the main road

Excavation from the main pipeline

Sankpem villagers helping with excavation

Joining the pipe before laying in the trench

Covering the pipeline

Giving thanks to God for all things

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