May 22, 2012

Kpatinga Witch Camp of Northern Ghana

They aren't witches at all.  They are the beautiful women of KPatinga who we have had the privilege of visiting the past two summers. They have been marginalized and shunned by most of society, but not by God.

Pastor Mohammed shared the Gosepl with the women and explained to them that God had spoken to someone in the US who obeyed His voice and provided the food.  The timing of this was no coincidence.  The women were suffering because they had very little food due to the fact that is the lean season in the Northern Region. 

Pure shea butter, hand-proceessed by women in other villages, is used as cooking oil.

Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.
James 1:27


  1. But God Says……

    They call it Dark because the land held secret its long past
    Primitive and backwards and we fear the spells they cast
    The place is lost and useless thru the eyes of common man
    But God says “this is what I made and now I have a plan”

    The people there are hopeless so the unconcerned might say
    They are ignorant of life and so live very shortened days
    Destiny has claimed them as they get just what they earned
    But God says “how I love them, don’t you see, have you not learned?”

    But Magic is their leader’s style. From such we have to flee
    The demons freely move there and the evil we can see
    The witches are in numbers and the chiefs are in command.
    But God says “I am creator and even these are in my hand”

    The orphans and the widows are too many to be solved
    They are the simple product of a people gone unloved
    When their hunger and their sickness came I wasn’t even there
    But God says “tend my people now and show me that you care”

    The masses will not listen and there is no way to teach
    These heathens who will turn their back on anything we speak
    Their hearts are cold; their minds are dull and empty at the best
    But God says “please just tell them now and watch me do the rest”

    And even if I were to care, to sacrifice, to go
    Who then would I journey with or what would I bestow
    I am without the knowledge and the tools aren’t at my side
    But God says “just be humble and the rest I will provide”

    I tremble at the task ahead yet fear has left my heart
    Each day that I am there I know that peace is where I’ll start
    The courage from his presence will rest upon me like a dove
    But God says “now you get it! do my work, and show my love”

    1. Beautiful words from someone who understands. Thank you.