February 14, 2013

The Witch Camp - A Love Story

Field Report from Rev. Ziblim Mohammed

I am so much excited to report to you that my mission trip to Kpatinga witches camp on behalf of IHH was accomplished and succeeded.

Seven young people from Shalom Baptist Church accompanied with me. We took 3 bags of maize and 3 bags of local rice, a food donated by IHH.

Upon our arrival the women (Witches) welcome us with a smiling faces and some of them were singing Christian songs as an expression of their joy.  I cannot explain the full details of the excitment of the women when we arrived, but I tell you the atmosphere was a joyful one. After they have gathered, I open the business with a word of prayer and begin to explain to them why we have come, after that i spoke to them how God love them and even sent His Son Jesus to come and died for them. My message was "HOPE FOR THE HOPELESS". I explained to them that even though they have been rejected by the society which accused and judged them wrongly, yet God did not judged and reject them, in the camp there is no hope for them but if they accept Jesus there will be hope for them in eternity.

After that I invited them to accept Christ and almost all of them responded possitively. I prayed for them and after them encouraged them to have fellowship with God through prayer and the word.

After all this my local team began to share the food among them. On that day, many of them had no food to eat and because of that some of them were in the bush to do a hard labor to get some food, this was told by the caretaker, in fact he lamented and encouraged us to continue supporting these vulnerable women. After we share the food the women sang Christian praises songs to thank and worship God for His blessings on that day.  I was suprise at their local songs.

Using a borrowed vehicle, the Shalom team departed at 5:00am for the long journey to the camp.

"Even though we all felt discomfort of the dust on our faces and body we felt joy for knowing that we are serving the Lord."
Rev. Mohammed

Getting ready for grain distribution

Rev Mohammed preaching the Gospel.  Many of the women received Christ this day.

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