March 22, 2012

A Waterless Village

Last summer, as I sat in a small village church in the Northern Region of Ghana, West Africa, waiting for services to begin, an old woman brought a bowl of liquid and sat it at my feet.  I didn't know what it was until a local villager who spoke English told me that it was the water collected at the local watering hole.  The water that the villagers drank, washed clothes in, bathed in and cooked with.  The same water that the village animals drank from and bathed in. The water the children played in to get relief from the heat.

By God's grace, Sankpem village will have clean water very soon.  Funds have been collected and a pipeline is within reach.  Please join us in praying not only for clean water, but for Living Water to reach this village, where most villagers are enslaved to voodoo.

Let's continue the fight to provide clean water to everyone who needs it.

This village woman has never add access to clean water.

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